Martel Traffic Control & Security


AKA Tactical Crime Suppression

Communications Division

The Martel TCS communications division is responsible for maintaining constant 24/7 communications with personnel, monitoring alarms and cameras installed on contracted properties, and maintaining all records created.


Martel TCS utilizes computer software to record all property activities. Our clients are able to access these records instantly via their web browser. The following activity records are entered into our database:


- Incident and arrest reports

- Daily activity logs

- Dispatched calls for service

- Issued criminal trespass warnings

- Priority property maintenance issues

- Patrols

- Parking violations

- Vehicle moving violations

- Field interviews

- And more!


Our officers are even capable of attaching images and videos to many of the provided records. We also offer the capability for our system to send automated emails to our clients notifiying them of any and all activity that occurs on their properties!