Martel Traffic Control & Security


AKA Tactical Crime Suppression

Martel TCS was created and is operated by an actively serving Georgia certified peace officer, Rémi Martel. Martel knows the difference that it makes to have trained, professional, and well equipped uniformed officers on the job site. Martel TCS provides utility companies, contractors, event facilities, other traffic control organizations, and more with just that.


At Martel TCS we promote the use of our officers and vehicles which provide the following benefits versus other companies:


1.) We utilize actively serving state certified police officers, most of which are permitted to work anywhere in the state of Georgia, which eliminates the need to constantly change officers when moving through different jurisdictions.

2.) We verify all officer's previous traffic control training and expand on it even further in house.

3.) We pay our officers more competitively than others to ensure reliability and superior performance.

4.) We provide our officers with fully equipped company patrol vehicles. These vehicles are fully insured and professionally equipped by Martel Emergency Vehicle Solutions. All of these company vehicles are former government law enforcement vehicles which are outfitted with state of the art lighting equipment. This equipment contains features and brightness that create the best visibility for your job site possible.


We also will be offering the service of contracting officers with government blue lit police vehicles through the police department of the jurisdiction with which your job site may be within. However, we recommend against this due to a lack of reliability and jurisdictional setbacks. Full time officers have many duties which take priority and can remove them from your site early or prevent them from being able to make it to the site at all. At that time there is the difficult to reach department contact that has to be reached in order to get another officer out which you can expect won't happen same day. With Martel TCS if an officer cannot make it to a job site we can go down our long list of officers authorized to work anywhere in the state and have someone to your site on time same day. 

Traffic Control Division

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