Martel Traffic Control & Security


AKA Tactical Crime Suppression

Uniformed Patrol Division

Martel TCS uniformed patrol officers serve on properties in need of security/defense services.


Martel TCS deploys a number of cime suppression security tactics to include:


1.) High visibility patrols. This includes high visibility marked patrol vehicles and professional uniformed security officers. Officer presence is the first level of use of force against offenders. Having a professional and highly visible appearance leads to crime deterence through a high level of officer presence. When an offender observes a poorly uniformed security officer patroling a property in their personally owned vehicle or an inexpensive civilian fleet vehicle, they are still very likely to enter and commit criminal offenses despite that officer's presence. When an offender observes a professionally uniformed Martel TCS officer patrolling in a fully marked patrol vehicle designed for the use that it is being utilized for, the offender is far less likely to commit offenses or to confront officers aggressively if they are to make contact with the offenders. In turn, this results in a far lower probability for a need to escalate to higher levels of force which also lowers the liablity risk on the client's property.


2.) S.O.R.T. (Special Operations Response Team). Martel TCS provides all of it's customers with this benefit that is included in their contracts at no additional charge. The SORT's main purpose is to respond to major incidents on properties state wide such as active shooter situations. However, the SORT also conducts random sweeps of the client's properties. That means that if a client has a contract with Martel TCS for 2 patrol officers, there will occasionally be additional patrol forces on the property at no additional charge. These sweeps add to the above officer presence tactic.


3.) Community relations. Martel TCS officers are trained to utilize community patrol methods which bring the community they serve closer to them, whether it be a residential of commercial setting. This also stengthens the community's trust in the officers that serve them, making them more comfortable with approaching the officers with information useful to the performance of their duties.


4.) Detailed records. Martel TCS officers are trained on proper and effective report writing skills. These reports include specific details which can aid the owner/management of the property being served in handeling issues that cannot be handled directly by security officers. These activity reports are also useful to Martel TCS command in determining additional stategies that can be implemented in order to increase the effectiveness of the services provided. See communications division page for more information.