Martel Traffic Control & Security


AKA Tactical Crime Suppression

Company Vehicles

All of the vehicles in our fleet are professionally equipped and regularly maintained. They have all been outfitted through our partner company Martel EVS (Emergency Vehicle Solutions). Each vehicle is equipped with the following:


* High quality, super bright, clear in color emergency vehicle lighting.

* At least one lighting unit mounted with a rear facing traffic advisor function.

* At least one post mounted spotlight and most vehicles with take down and alley lights which can be used to illuminate the area all around the vehicle making motorists aware of the location of workers in the roadway for traffic applications and useful in locating criminal offenders for security applications.

* A 2-way radio which enables direct communication between other vehicles within our fleet. These radios are also programmed to handheld 2-way radios which can be lent to your workers enabling them the ability to easily communicate with our officers.

* Computer station which allows officers to keep efficient work logs and reports and utilize GPS maps for work sites and routes.

* First aid kit in case of injury of an officer, worker, or other person.

* Jumper cables to assist in rapid removal of a stranded vehicle from a work zone.


All vehicles are fully insured. Some vehicles may be equipped with additional equipment such as push bumpers and in car camera sytems. All vehicles are kept clean and presentable at all times.